Ghostwriting is a term that gained popularity after the loud film by Roman entitled ? Author ghost? (The Ghost Writer). On the political market, the use of ghostwriters among leading politicians is the norm, and derogation from the principle, independent editing of speeches or books. Where does the unusual popularity of ghostwriters come from?

Ghost author

The role of eponymous ghostwriter in Roman film is played by Ewan McGregor. He is hired by former British government chief Adam Lang (played by Pierce Brosnan) to write the prime minister’s memoirs. The phantom author does not realize, however, that the notes in which possession falls into the needs of this publication contain dangerous secrets, and that he himself may be the only puppet in the hands of British intelligence. Trying to find out the truth, the ghost author is convinced that his life is in mortal danger. That is the story of Roman’s film. So who are ghostwriters? The answer to this question is very simple. These are people who, for a specific remuneration, undertake to commission a different person to write texts of speeches, write articles, and even write down entire books, including biographies. Ghostwriting services are also offered in the field of creating artistic works (paintings, sculptures, music) or writing blogs. People who undertake to create a work on commission are called so-called ghosts, because despite the fact that these people are the authors of, for example, texts or speeches, written to order, in fact the authorship of the works created by them is attributed to the person for whom it was created. In practice, therefore, the public can not get to know the real author, and only on the good will of the person commissioning the creation of a given work depends on whether he admits that the data such as a speech or a book was actually written by someone else entirely. Of course, the ghostwriters themselves can also stipulate the confidentiality of their data in contracts with clients. Often, these types of contracts take the form of, for example, contracts for the editing of a given publication or simply contracts for the provision of consultancy services related to public speeches. The clients of ghostwriters are usually public persons such as, for example, actors, sports television presenters and persons holding public functions. The phenomenon of ghostwriting does not only apply to the circle of public figures. For example, bachelor’s or master’s theses commissioned by students. More and more corporations are also reaching for ghostwriters. Not one of us would be surprised by the information about who really is the author of the biographies of famous footballers, actors or TV presenters. Ghostwriting is a very lucrative business, especially if the client is a public person. In 2001, the New York Times revealed that the ghostwriter, who collaborated with Hillary Clinton to create her memories, received a total of 500,000. USD. Currently, the ghostwriting market is booming. Where does the popularity of ghostwriters come from?

Lack of abilities

One of the main reasons for ghost services is lack of skills. Not everyone of us can write and edit a good text. Even people with extraordinary intellectual abilities may have problems with creating a good speech, not to mention writing a valuable book. Therefore, this type of service is entrusted to professional writers or journalists, or to other people who in their professional activities deal with the creation and editing of information on a daily basis. Even the best-known leaders in the world, whose speeches were permanently written on the pages of our history, used ghost services. The art of leadership, especially political leadership, is also based on the fact that one has to think strategically and predict what the consequences of a weak but proprietary speech written by the author himself may be. Many politicians have tried to go this way, however, it soon became known that it is expensive but nowhere.

No time

People with public functions usually suffer from chronic lack of time. Writing a good speech, even assuming that the author knows the art and manages to deal with such a situation, takes a certain time. Therefore, the prudent reason why ghostwriting services are becoming more and more popular is simply the lack of time. He is particularly concerned with the heads of state and heads of government. With the accompanying number of meetings, conferences and visits, it becomes impossible to create independent speeches. Of course, the above reason for the growing popularity of ghostwriters is not just about politicians. Lack of time is also affecting other public figures.

Conscious decision

Some public people deciding to use the services of ghostwriters make their choice despite the fact that you can not accuse them of lack of time or lack of skills. This is because they want to entrust the creation of a given work (eg speech, biography) to a person specialized in a given field. It is their opinion that will allow them to avoid any failure related to the independent creation of the work. Additionally, by commissioning a specific task to the ghostwriter, they do not give up the public presentation of their authorship, a work created by the ghostwriter.

Use or not to use?

The answer to this question is not unambiguous. If there is no time or skill, or we believe that it is better to “give” to the specialist, the answer will be pressured on the lips – use the services of the ghostwriter. However, the use of ghostwriter services is also associated with risk. It is difficult to predict how the information will be received that a given speech (even very good) or a great book was not really ours. Of course, on the political market, such information has to see the light of day, which, as history shows, usually (although there are exceptions) is dislodged at a time when the effect of publishing information about the use of a ghostwriter on the image of a person using ghostwriting can be at most minimal . While in politics such actions may be considered acceptable, it is hard to accept from a moral as well as legal point of view mass commissioning of ghostwriters to write habilitation dissertations, doctoral theses, master’s theses or bachelor’s theses. Besides, as recipients (consumers) of various kinds of works we would like to be surprised by the information that a given book, movie, song (Millli Vanilli case), painting or sculpture was created by Mr. Y, despite the fact that, for example, at the vernissage at which we were present, the author was Mr. X? Therefore, using the ghostwriter services in these situations, even if it were legally acceptable, will cause irreparable damage to the image. The choice, and at the same time the possible risk of a “slip”, will belong to you anyway.